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Mike Murillo, And Ryan Martin Ditch The Race Cars, And Race In Mega Trucks!

What do you do when you’re two of the baddest guys in the No Prep world and you have a little time between events? Obviously, you round up a couple of huge Mega Trucks and take them down the track! That’s exactly what Ryan Martin and Mike Murillo did at Edinburg Motorsports Park down in Texas when the No Prep Kings tour stopped there for an event.

These trucks are not built for the track, but that didn’t stop Martin and Murillo from pulling them out on the not-so-sticky No Prep surface at EMP and making a couple of hits. In true no prep fashion, the scoreboards were turned off, so we don’t know how quickly these massive trucks covered the 1/8th mile, but based on the fact that they both sounded like they ran out of gear around the 150 mark, I’m guessing the numbers wouldn’t be all that impressive.

That’s not to say the trucks don’t have plenty of power, as it obviously takes a lot of horsepower to move a truck this big on these massive wheels and tires. They’re just not geared to run at a very high speed, since they were built to play in the mud, not on the asphalt.

The two drivers put on a good race the first time down the track, with Murillo taking the win in what looked to be a pretty close race. To make things fair, they swapped truck and went at it again, with Martin putting a huge gap on Murillo to even the score at 1 win each. Instead of going again for a tie breaker, the guys just decided to leave things even with both drivers claiming a win.

The highlight of the clip in my opinion is actually what the No Prep Racing Association cameras catch between the two races, when Murillo and Martin struggle to get into the huge trucks. A little bit of humor really makes the video worth watching, so hit that play button and watch for yourself as the guys do battle in big ol’ trucks.



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