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Mike Murillo Spills the Beans on His Twin Turbo Mustang

When it comes time for serious drag racing, if you pull up next to a name like Mike Murillo, you had better have your setup locked and loaded, ready to go to war on the drag strip. As Mike has proven to be a pretty consistent racer with some pretty healthy setups, you can’t help but keep an eye on exactly what he has going on under the hood of the vehicle that he just so happens to be piloting. One of the fan favorites goes by the name of the “LaFawnduh” and this Ford Mustang has a little bit of bite to its bark.

This time, in a scenario that is quite rare for a grudge car, Mike takes the opportunity to go inside of this thing, giving us some of the juicy details that explain exactly how it is that a car like this manages to stay near the top of the pack. It all starts out with a big block Ford totaling 565 cubic inches as complemented by a pair of 94 mm turbos that are ready to spool up and push boost through this motor to really make it sing. When all is said and done, Mike says that you can expect the car to make anywhere between 3700 and 4000 hp, a number that’s almost hard to comprehend and he continues on that about 2700 horsepower ends up making it to the tire after that.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll hear it straight from Murillo’s mouth as he tells you a little bit more about the car that’s capable of cracking 4-seconds flat to the eighth mile at 196 mph. You don’t have to pull out the G-force meter to know that that’s absolutely rolling and a combination that is darn near enough to push your brain into the back of your skull.