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Exploring a Military Base With 400+ Abandoned Vehicles

Across the world, there are all sorts of vehicles sitting in disrepair, just waiting to be discovered. For most of these kinds of finds that we come across, there isn’t much context. Perhaps, it might look like somebody just up and left one day. However, in the vast majority of situations, we don’t know why. With this one, we know exactly why. Perhaps, adding context to such a situation might just make it a little bit eerier.

Essentially, what we’re looking at here is a military base in Cyprus in the UK. We know that you’re probably not here for an entire history lesson. However, what essentially happened was everyone was forced to drop what they were doing and leave one day. The story goes that the division of Cyprus meant that people had to relocate across the border. With this relocation, they weren’t able to take all of their possessions. As such, we see that they have left behind hundreds of vehicles.

In this one, we take a moment to reflect on the situation by seeing the base as it is today. Four hundred vehicles, consisting of buses, cars, and even motorcycles among others, we’re just left behind. Most of them, it appears, have simply been left to rot.

From what we have gathered, the people did have the opportunity to come back and retrieve the vehicles. However, it would seem as if it didn’t make sense for most. With that, we would be left to assume that by the time they could come back to get them, the vehicles had probably already been substantially weathered. When combined with the fact that it would likely be rather costly to transport them, It’s not too difficult to see why they’ve been abandoned.

Down in the video below, we get to see the scene that is nothing short of amazing.


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