Meet The Million Dollar Chevrolet Silverado

No matter what way we slice it, it $1 million is a lot of coin. Now, don’t get ...

No matter what way we slice it, it $1 million is a lot of coin. Now, don’t get us wrong, there are definitely a variety of ways to spend that much loot in the automotive industry. There are many cars that reach that seven-figure range and even a nice little collection of them that blow right past it on their way to being multimillion dollar machines. However, in this one, we check a vehicle that not too many would peg to be worth a million bucks. In fact, this machine might be the one and only version of its kind worth that much.

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The truck started off life as a Chevrolet Silverado. We’re not sure how much Silverao remains, though. The nameplate might be shocking because even the most well outfitted brand-new Silverado that money can buy is under six figures. So, what does a million-dollar truck look like? Well, for starters, this thing is absolutely nothing like its former self. It really looks like the body of the truck might have been used as inspiration but other than that, pretty much every component is replaced. From the context provided in the video, it looks like what started off life as a 2500 series Silverado has since been transformed into a carbon fiber desert destroyer that’s a one-off machine.

By following along with the video below, we’re transported to the Mint 400 in Las Vegas that shows off carbon fiber clad Silverado that claims to be a $1 million truck. It’s not that difficult to believe that the price tag on this thing has really racked up quite the amount of substance. After all, it looks like literally every component of the truck was replaced and upgraded. The location of the engine and transmission have even been changed in the pursuit of taking on the desert with a Duramax in style and effectiveness.

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