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Million Dollar Plus 1990 Ferrari F40 Playing in the Snow.

Generally, when you think of cars that cost a ton of money that have a lot of time invested to them, you’d think that the people behind them would stow the machines away and stuff them in garages when it starts to snow, in order to be safe from the elements in and a nice and dry area where they won’t be damaged. Heck, I know a lot of people who have only spent a fraction of that on their car and take care of it as if it is a one of a kind piece that is irreplaceable. However, on the flipside, there are also people who have dumped $1 million or so into one of their cars and drive them like they were stolen. We can’t hate on either one of these folks but both of them are interesting to observe.

Dude, what were you thinking!?

Now, while keeping your car indoors during snowy times might be rewarding, it definitely doesn’t create as interesting of content as if you’re taking it out and blasting through the snow, blowing the tires off while showing exactly how much fun you can have with the white stuff on the ground while behind the wheel of an automobile that’s probably worth more than the majority of houses in America. When it comes to a Ferrari F40, more specifically a red one, you can see just that display down in the video below as the guy behind the wheel here goes absolutely wild!

Tune into the video below to see exactly what this wild F40 is capable of as the driver just doesn’t care about the snow at all. After witnessing this insane display of Ferrari madness, be sure to tell us what you think of this high dollar exotic collectible making its way through the snow. A situation like this is almost every kid’s dream and we have to give kudos to the owner here for owning the car for a greater purpose than looking at it in a climate controlled showcase.

1990 Ferrari F40 playing in the snow.

Posted by Chris Lane on Saturday, December 30, 2017


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