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Mind Blowing Footage of an Airbus A400M flying through the Mach Loop

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on May 8, 2018

For those who can’t call themselves fans of aviation, you might have no idea what the Mach Loop is exactly but we can promise you that it’s lots of fun for just about anyone. Basically, the area consists of natural features that make it an ideal area to be used as an aircraft training facility for fighter jet pilots to be able to hone their abilities and dial in those skills just a little bit more than they had the day before, learning to maneuver in the most efficient way possible so that they can have every skill set possible in their toolbelt when it comes time to really use it.

“The Mach Loop (also known as the Machynlleth Loop) consists of a series of valleys in the United Kingdom in west-central Wales, notable for their use as low-level training areas for fast jet aircraft. The system of valleys lies 8 miles east of Barmouth and is nestled between the towns of Dolgellau to the north and Machynlleth to the south, from the latter of which it takes its name.” -Mach Loop Wiki

Normally, the aircraft that you see coming through here will be small and maneuverable because, in the scheme of things, being able to contort and twist around the many obstacles provided by the area isn’t really something that’s all that practical for bigger aircraft, but this time, we see that didn’t stop this pilot from giving it a whirl.

If YouTube into the video below, you’ll get some mind blowing footage is an Airbus A400M, a rather sizable military transport aircraft ends up making its way through the Loop, carving in and out as the pilot here shows off his abilities. This might not be the most impressive display to ever go through the area but it certainly one that you’ve got to keep your eyes glued to.

A400M through the loop!

Check this video from Edward Fitzpatrick of an Airbus A400M flying through the Mach Loop on the 19th of April 2018! JUST LOOK AT THAT STEEP TURN!!!!Thank you for sending this to us Edward.Want to see more content from Edward ? Follow the links below…YOUTUBE : : @eddyfitz91

Posted by Low Flying Aircraft on Thursday, May 3, 2018

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