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Mini Electronic Fuel Injected V10 Comes To Life, Something To Be Seen

While some folks might prefer wrenching on full-size cars, others choose to use their free time to partake in a little bit smaller hobby that probably tends to be a little bit more affordable as well. Heck, who knows, maybe this miniature engine builder also happens to have his very own full-size hot rod, too!

In this one, we check out none other than a scaled down v10 engine that has been brought down to a fraction of its original size and in this demonstration, the engine is really able to strut its stuff as it fires up and delivers us an example of what the person behind this thing has been working so many long hours to bring together.

It’s pretty impressive as the engine comes to life and begins to rev. Even the sound that comes out of this thing reminds us of its grumbling bigger brother in a lot of ways. We kind of want to see valve cover gets pulled off of this bad boy so that we’re able to get an even closer look at the internals of the engine, that we’re sure have some crazy attention to detail as well.

Check out the video below that brings this miniature engine to life and might make you want to head out and get yourself a kit so that you can put together your very own mini engine. Heck, some of these things that we’ve seen get pretty real and include things like electronic fuel injection like we see here. Just imagine the time that goes into designing and assembling all of those tiny parts. Alongside being a great hobby, I bet this is a pretty good way to learn how exactly to put together a real engine should you so desire. It’s practically the real deal!