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Mini Supercharger Cranks Out .6 PSI to Boost Mini 2 Cylinder Engine ( 0.6psi @ 90,000rpm Testing the Blow Through Setup)

For those who thought that there were a lot of small parts to bring together a normal car build, just imagine a scaled-down version of the same concept. When we take a look at the scaled community, there is actually a pretty decent amount of detail that goes into a lot of these things.

Some creators leave no stone unturned in making sure that they replicate the real world, down to every bolt, in a tiny fashion. The result can be rather awe-inspiring as we see all sorts of different real-world creations come to life at a scale that can fit in the palm of your hand.

Frequently, we post about all sorts of miniature engines that these sorts of creators manage to come up with. Not only do they bring functioning engines to life. Some of them actually mimic real-life engines as well. This time, though, it isn’t a complete engine that we’re chasing down. Instead, it’s a popular accessory that has really caught our eye.

Over on the JohnnyQ90 YouTube channel, all sorts of different hardware has come to life. This time, the piece in question is none other than a micro supercharger. This centrifugal style blower has really blown us away, no pun intended.

It’s really hard to imagine the amount of effort that had to go into bringing a concept like this to life. Luckily for us, we don’t have to put in the effort at all. Instead, we can just drop in on the result to watch the unit whistle to life. By following along below, we get to check out the supercharger come to life as a blow through setup is added to the mix.


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