Miniature Dragster With a Miniature Blown V8 Engine!

When talking about remote control vehicles, there are different levels of enthusiasts ...

When talking about remote control vehicles, there are different levels of enthusiasts in the game. For starters, there are those who are just barely interested enough to spend their hard earned money on the hobby, then there are those who take it a little bit more seriously and customize their own rides and finally, there are those who take things to a whole new level, building machines from scratch and making them as detailed as humanly possible.

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This time, we check out an enthusiast who falls into that third category and the results really come to life because this machine is definitely nothing short of amazing to look at as the builder has sacrificed nothing on his way to making a scaled-down dragster that is guaranteed to make you stop and stare. Allow us to take you inside the specs that make this thing so great.


For starters, the gas engine that measures in it just over 6 cubic inches is fitted with a supercharger that really cranks up the boost, creating right around 12psi, making this thing eligible of creating 9.5 hp at a whopping 10,000 RPM. That engine really must scream when it’s under a full load and powering the drag rail down whatever surface its dominating. However, the power plant isn’t where this impressiveness stops as we take a look over the rest of the car that shows us exactly what a dragster is all about with complete attention to detail that makes it a lot of fun to look at.

Check out the video down below that takes you on a tour of this racing machine that really is a heavy hitter for its size. While most are only able to see the finished product here, anyone who has ever turned wrenches on a project or for a living can really appreciate all of the long, hard hours that probably went into designing and putting this machine together. Be sure to tell us what you think of this ride after you check it out!


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