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Miniature Ford 300 Inline Six Cylinder engine

Minature Ford 300 Inline Six Cylinder engine

We’ve seen a couple miniature engines and they get cooler each and every time. This time the engine of choice to scale down to bite size was an inline Ford V6.

According to the owner, “this is the second running of the completed 300 inline six engine. It has a bore and stroke of .75 x . 875. It has compete water cooling through the block and head.

The oiling system is by splash. The ignition is by 8-36 home made spark plugs fired by a Hall magnetic triggered distributor and an electronic ignition. The timing is about 22 degrees BTDC and the fuel is 86 octane pump gas.”

Check out the video to see this engine that’s almost entirely home made fire up and rev! This guy has some pretty on point engineering skills!

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