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Miniature V10 Engine With MegaSquirt… How Would You Use It?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on May 2, 2017

If you’ve never seen miniature engines come to life, some of these machines really do get into great detail, creating scaled-down versions of what you might see under the hoods of real cars in real life. The builders really go to great lengths to make sure that they are as close to accurate to real life as possible. It’s really mind blowing!

This time, we take a minute to check out a v10 engine that has been scaled down to about one-third of the size of its original self. This isn’t the smallest of the engines that we have seen but it is still is built at such a scale that is bound to make spectators stop and stare for a while, wondering how it all came together.

The small but prominent monster is fitted with a MegaSquirt MS3 fuel injection system and allows the operator to see all of the parameters across the board to see how the miniature creation is running, all 125cc of it. From the looks of the computer display, it even looks like the builder is able to tune it! how cool is that!?

Check out the video below that shows you the kind of detail that was observed in putting this thing together to make it a rather clean miniature engine. I guess the only question left to answer now is exactly what kind of machine this engine is going to be powering at the end of the day.


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