Misinformed Guy Talks About His BADASS V6 Mustang! FUNNY!

Misinformed Guy Talks About His BADASS V6 Mustang! FUNNY!click the image below and ...

Misinformed Guy Talks About His BADASS V6 Mustang! FUNNY!

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In the car culture that we’re forced to be a part of today, it’s difficult to tell if videos like this are serious or not. With the lack of knowledge floating around, there’s a good possibility that this guy is 100% serious.

In this video, the subject in question is the proud owner v6 Ford Mustang, but this isn’t just any Mustang. This car has “7.5” pistons” and “combustion up to 7.5” along with a slew of other mods that we aren’t even sure actually exist.

If that isn’t enough for you, he’s getting ready to put “twin turbos and a supercharger on it” and make 18psi of compound boost! Check out the video below and tell us what you think of this scenario? Is this legit or are we being trolled big time?

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