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Modern Meets Classic in SRT-8 Dodge Daytona That’s Absolutely Jaw Dropping (Full Walk Around)

I think there’s something inside all of us that can kind of appreciate American muscle. Even if it’s not someone’s favorite kind of car, most enthusiasts can come to see why others find these sorts of machines so appealing. Just the aggressive styling and grumble of the engine are really enough to draw in your attention and send a chill down the spine all at once.

With that, in the current day and age, there are definitely a lot of ways that old-school muscle cars can be improved upon. Sure, being able to appreciate the old-school design and simplicity is definitely a part of the fun. However, others might choose to upgrade their old school muscle machines just a little bit so that they can ride in a little bit more comfort than the modern era has to offer. In addition, modern muscle provides power that is much more efficient and much more potent as well.

This time, we take a ride with quite a unique creation from Steve Mirabelli. Instead of taking an old-school muscle car and transplanting new school power under the hood, this creation does something entirely different. Instead, the car that’s described as an SRT-8 Dodge Daytona clone takes a new car and molds it into what the old school machine looks like.

Now, with a lot of these cars, they can come out looking a little bit funky. When somebody simply places old-school body components or their lookalikes on a newer car, things like the roofline can tend to interfere with the finished product. Combining modern body lines with old-school body lines just doesn’t come out properly all the time. However, by following along with the video below, we see how this creator fused together a 2006 Dodge Challenger with a variety of custom components to really create something special that’s very pleasing for the eye!


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