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Modified Ford Ranger Raptor Takes Off-Roading To Another Level

Unfortunately, here in America, we don’t yet have access to the Ford Ranger Raptor. We can’t exactly pinpoint what it is that would dissuade Ford from selling the truck here. However, whenever we see one of these things abroad, we can’t help but drool a little bit. Having an off-road variant of the midsize truck would definitely be a nice alternative to the options that we have here in the states.

This time, we get to check out something that not too many Americans will get to see in person with the likes of a modified Ranger Raptor. Straight out of the box, the truck is pretty intense. However, as the factory machine became a creation that they call “Captain Marvel,” it definitely took on an all-new aggressive façade.

In addition to the obvious bright orange paint job, there are a host of other modifications that really make this off-road machine pop.  Some of the major components include the likes of a 2” lifted Ridemax QUEEN series 16 way adjustable suspension, custom bumpers, and, of course, custom wheels and tires. The truck sits on Fuel DIESEL 20×10 et-18 and 35″ tall Fuel XT tires.

Top it off with a winch, custom lighting, and an engine remap and this thing is ready to roll. These sorts of videos really just stand to make us want to get behind the wheel of one of these things in a more intense fashion. There’s just something about these small, lightweight trucks that can go anywhere that really gets the adrenaline pumping. They stand to pack a lot of adventure in a small package.

Hopefully, one day, Ford will come to their senses and the small but mighty pickup will be available stateside. However, until then, I guess we will just have to appreciate creations from abroad like the project “Captain Marvel.”- Autobot Autoworks Off-Road

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