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Modified Nissan GTR Blows Stop Sign and Slams into Another Vehicle

Go ahead and watch the short video below, and learn what not to do. Like ever…

We aren’t really sure what the guy behind the wheel of this sleek black GTR was thinking, but he blew through a stop sign without really even slowing down until it was too late, slamming into another motorist who entered the intersection legally. The result, of course, was a bone-jarring collision that sent both cars careening off the road. Whatever caused the GTR to fly through the intersection, he was clearly in the wrong and 100% at fault, meaning not only is he – or more likely his insurance company – on the hook for the repairs, but his insurance rates are likely to jump considerably as well.

While the GTR driver did get on the brakes, he clearly had no intention of stopping at the stop sign and only tried to stop when he saw the other car. What we can’t say for sure is if the saw the stop sign and ignored it, or if he was distracted and just missed the sign altogether. Regardless, the jarring impact was caught on camera, meaning there’s no denying who caused the crash and what was happening in the moments leading up to the incident. The video doesn’t say if either motorist was injured, though judging by the severity of the impact, either or both of them could have been.

As the last frame of the video reminds us, driving like a jerk on public roads is never a good idea. If you want to hit the track and wad your car, and yourself, up into a ball, have at it. On public roadways, you have other citizens to think about and we’ve all seen just how quickly things can go wrong, so don’t be the cause of somebody else’s pain and heartbreak just because you want to spend a few minutes pushing the boundaries.

This happened today 27/08/16 at Kallang Leasure park carpark. A young punk driver was driving a Nissan GTR and was showing off to his friends at the carpark when he rammed into the side of another car. Both cars sustained heavy damaged and it's a miracle that the driver of the other car ( a Toyota) was not injured. He would had been seriously injured of not killed had it been a side impact to the door. i believe the driver of the other car had called the police and is in the process of reporting this statement to the traffic police. Hope that idiot GTR driver get's his license revoked and banned from driving for causing an accident while doing illegal racing in a carpark. Video was not taken by me, it was circulating online.

Posted by Yang Kang Kin on Saturday, August 27, 2016


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