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Mom goes for a ride in a 500hp Honda Civic

What’s the point of having lots of horsepower at your disposal if you can’t use it to share it with and potentially scare the crap out of those who you love? This time, we check out a young man who takes his mom for a ride in his Honda Civic. There’s only one plot twist!

You see, this isn’t just any grocery getting Civic. Instead of the lackluster (probably less than 100hp) setup that came in the car off of the assembly line, this Civic has been tweaked and tuned to the point where it isn’t even recognizable anymore. With 500 hp to put down, this thing is far from its original grocery getter status.

We ride along as a camera is mounted in the car as mom hops in the shotgun seat when her son thows down the throttle and unleashes all that the car has got in an attempt to catch her off guard. Long story short, it’s plenty to scare the pants off of this unsuspecting mother!

Check out the video below as the terrifying ride unfolds and leaves this kid’s mom scarred for life. The things that moms scream at their children in videos like this are nothing short of hilarious.