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Mom Takes a Ride in Sons 800+ Horsepower Shelby GT500

Reaction videos are some of our favorite clips, especially when there’s a mom riding in the passenger seat. Mother’s are always a good for some kind of animated reaction, whether it be anger, fear, or in this mom’s case, joy! Buckled into her son’s Shelby GT500, mom seems genuinely interested in learning about her son’s car, inquiring about the car as they’re driving along.

When the hammer drops, mom’s face lights up with a joyous grin that lasts as long as the car stays at WOT. She seems to genuinely enjoy the screaming supercharger and climbing revs the Mustang offers, throwing her head back and laughing during the ride.

Through several full-throttle pulls, mom and son share the bonding experience that only horsepower can bring, showing that the car hobby is much more than racing and wrenching.


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