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Monster Energy: Lunatics By Nature

If you take a trip around the world, different areas are known for all sorts of different kinds of car scenes. For example, the most precise slice of something like this is when you think of Australia and what immediately comes to mind are the skid pads down there as these guys throw down with all sorts of wild burnouts and other tires shredding shenanigans. Here in America, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind for folks in other parts of the world be our infatuation with drag racing or something like NASCAR as it seems to be something that many of us cling to.

I’m not necessarily sure that, for the UAE, there would necessarily be one niche or another that the automotive enthusiasts in this area of the world would fall into. However, in my personal experience, from what I have seen from this region, I know that these guys really like to do it big and nothing short of an extravagant display will suffice in most cases. As a result, you get some of the wildest stunts that you’ll ever come across as filmed in the UAE and it’s always a blast to watch. Your adrenaline is bound to get pumping, even when you’re not on scene but rather, watching from the other side of the screen.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be taken to the UAE thanks to Monster Energy as we follow along with a group of guys who go by the name of Lunatics by Nature. If you weren’t picking up what we were putting down to this point, then we will let you in on our little secret that you’re about to see something incredible as this group of folks really leans into their drift cars and puts on a display that you have got to see to believe.