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Monster Hot Rod “Wild Thang” Shooting Flames

There are exhaust fireballs, and then there is THIS!

This 1931 Chevrolet coupe has obviously undergone some serious modifications in its journey from Detroit to the flamethrowing monster you see here. The body has been chopped and dropped down low on the chassis, the suspension has been modified to sit the car low to the ground, and the engine… WOAH! Sporting 610 cubic inches of Arias-built horsepower with a 40% overdriven BDS supercharger spinning up top, this unit boasts 3,000 horsepower at the other end of the loud pedal.

The owner has added a flamethrower system to wow crowds and singe eyebrows of any passerby that gets a little too friendly with the hotrod. Using a second set of spark plugs mounted in the end of the headers to ignite raw fuel exiting the engine, the car sends flames over 10 feet high each time the supercharger surges! This is an awesome way to put on a show for the crowds this beautiful car is sure to draw anywhere it shows up!