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Monster Jam Huge Air Compilation Gives us that Weekend Feeling

Over the years, on the Monster Jam circuit, we have seen monster trucks do some pretty insane things. In fact, we might even go so far as saying that the show delivers some truly unbelievable displays. For the size of these machines, we cannot help but be amazed at just how nimble they are as the drivers toss them around the course in every direction, seemingly with almost no effort at all as they defy physics in more ways than just one.

This time, though, we aren’t talking about an awesome burnout or the ability to turn on a dime. Instead, we check out monster trucks as they go airborne! It almost takes a minute for the brain to process what’s happening as something so physically huge is shot into the air as if it’s weightless!

Let’s just say that a lot of these drivers are absolutely fearless as they take their high-dollar monster trucks and send them off of the solid ground and into the great unknown!

Where some of these things are going to land, only physics will be able to decide. While some of them definitely do manage to touch back down with all four tires on the ground, others don’t get so likely as we watch the carnage unfold right in front of our eyes.

By following along with the video below we get to see some of the most amazing moments in Monster Jam that involve leaving the ground. There is just something about this combination that we could watch for hours on end so you had better bring your popcorn because this is about as good as motorsports action gets!

No matter how many times we see a monster truck go airborne, it’s something that we will absolutely never find a way to get used to.


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