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Monstrous Komatsu D575A BULLDOZE vs A Pickup Truck!

When it comes to big machines, there are many around the world that make the job at hand just a little bit more manageable especially when the job seems to be bigger than life itself. These type of duties seem to be where a machine like the monstrous Komatsu D575A bulldozer comes into play.

This time, we check out the massive machine in action but, unlike with its regular duty, it isn’t exactly on the clock and working today. Instead, the operator takes a minute to have a little bit of fun playtime in one of the biggest bulldozers in the entire world. The play time footage will give you just an idea of how big this thing really is.

In the video below, we take a minute to watch as the Komatsu starts running things over. Who doesn’t like to watch pure destruction especially when it’s a giant bulldozer like this swallowing up trucks whole? Get a load of the action down in the video below and tell us that you wouldn’t want to be behind the wheel of this thing. That’s right, you can’t!