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Monza Gives Update on the Split Bumper, a Closer Look at His New Ride for NEW Street Outlaws Show

When it comes to competing in a series like No Prep Kings, it’s all about adjusting consistently and always moving forward. Even for the best in the business, they may have a stumble here and there. Those who truly separate themselves from the pack are the ones who can learn the most from those stumbles and keep moving forward.

That seems to be precisely the plan for fan favorite, Monza. This time, he tells us a little bit about what has been going on with his famed split bumper Camaro and what fans can expect to see out of it in the future.

In addition to the NPK circuit, Monza is trying out something a bit different. This upcoming season on Street Outlaws, things are going to be handled just a little bit differently. While the show has evolved to the point where the cars are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and basically race cars that are raced on the streets, it seems as if the evolution might be taking a couple of steps backward in the future of Street Outlaws the name of entertainment.

Instead of these high-dollar race cars, we will soon see real street cars thrown in the mix. Even though the term “street car” is one that has been thrown around the conversation rather liberally, the idea is to use vehicles that can be operated on fuel that you can get at your local gas station. The cars should also have the ability to be daily driven, taking one to work or to the store without having an issue. It seems as if the change-up in cars will be an opportunity to shake things up and keep fans guessing.

In this one, Monza gives us a few more details on the Pontiac Grand Prix that he debuted not long ago.

Down in the video below, we catch up with all things Monza to see how he will be approaching racing in the near future.


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