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Monza’s Split Bumper Camaro vs Red Nova at Redemption 6.0

Among the racers that are fun to watch, Monza and his split bumper Chevrolet Camaro are most certainly a blast to lay your eyes on as Monza straps in and lays into the long skinny pedal with the intent of terminating whatever car and driver combo happens to be lining up in the next lane over.

This time, the competition happens to come in the form of a slick red Chevrolet Nova and the action is all coming at us head-on from the Redemption 6.0 no prep event that will have you hanging on for a wild ride as these two battle it out for traction and the lead down the strip.

While it looks like Monza had a pretty solid footing from start to finish, the Nova in the next lane over looks to be all over the track! At the end of the day, these combinations come together to concoct one heck of a race that’s a lot of fun to watch as the cars grab and claw to get every last advantage that they can to make it to the finish line first. Check out the video down below to see which one of the cars is able to carry out that responsibility more effectively.