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Moped Thief Gets Caught in the Act, Public Tracks Down and Detains Him

If you want to do the crime, make sure that you’re ready to do the time. Naturally, we recommend that you don’t do the crime at all but for this guy, it really appeared as if he thought that a moped would be worth spending time in jail over as he would approach the situation where somebody seemed to leave the vehicle out in the open and he hopped to it, attempting to deliver on his version of the perfect crime as he would steal the vehicle in plain sight and not long after, ended up in a pretty bad spot for himself.

As if being a criminal and trying to seal somebody else’s transportation in the first place wasn’t embarrassing enough, this guy got caught by a whole group of onlookers as the good Samaritans decided to hop to and try and protect a complete stranger’s property and did a pretty good job of it as they would catch up with and eventually take down the guy who was responsible for the acts of theft. If only everybody would do things like this to help out their fellow human being, the world might even be a better place to live.

All of the scene in its entirety was captured in the video down below as people would catch on to this act of wrongdoing and hop to it, putting forth all that they could to stop the crook in his tracks and recover the stolen vehicle. One would think that it’s not too common that something like this happens and being able to watch it unfold was really a treat. After being able to check out this situation from a first-person perspective, be sure tell us what you would do if you were out and about and just so happened to stumble across a situation like this were a criminal was in the act. Would you be brave enough to try and prevent the crime like these folks?