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Most Dangerous Road? Scott Speed VS THE DRAGON

When it comes to facing a road that’s named “The Dragon” that has lots of twists and turns along with a plethora of dangerous sections, one would think that the most common course of action to approach the road would be to take it slow. As this route is available to the public, we would imagine that even with normal driving speeds, there are probably a good amount of incidents that unfold here.

However, when professional racing driver, Scott Speed, found his way to The Dragon, it was to do anything but take a slow and leisurely drive through the scenic environment in Tennessee. Instead, Speed pulled up his Red Bull rallycross Subaru to the road and decided to unleash all of the performance under the hood at once. With a name like “Speed,” how is one expected to do anything but go all out?

This time, we dial ourselves in with the incredible machine and its driver that really pushes things to the limits. It’s pretty awesome to be able to watch the bright blue Subaru rip through the challenging layout as its driver really maximizes the car’s potential on a road like this that’s available to the public to drive on as well.

The video below from Red Bull Rally is certainly a treat for all of the senses. Not only does this machine looks good but it creates some pretty awe-inspiring situations as well. It also sounds like the part as well as the engine absolutely screams its way through each and every section of this challenging course. We probably wouldn’t recommend that motorists who live nearby try out such a driving style down a road like this but watching Speed do it definitely is nothing short of an absolute pleasure.

Tune in and get ready for a smile to start growing on your face!


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