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The Most Exclusive Bugatti Lineup Ever Seen Together in One Place

For someone looking for the most exclusive automobile on the market, Bugatti is a good place to start. That exclusivity is really going to cost you, in this situation, though.

The manufacturer has become known for producing some of the most impressive cars in the world. These hypercars not only look the part of being one-of-a-kind. They also manage to crack into records in ways that few other car manufacturer have been able to.

This time, we take a minute to appreciate some of the most exclusive late model Bugatti examples in the world. Separately, the Divo, La Voiture Noire, Centodieci, and the Chiron 300+ would all be impressive. This time, though, all of these wild machines are in the same place at the same time. From what we understand, this is the first time that all of these cars have ever been seen together. To be honest, it’a almost a little bit overwhelming. We don’t know where to start with such an impressive list.

Our uploader, Shmee150 tells us “From the most expensive new car ever sold, La Voiture Noire, to the recent record-breaking Chiron Super Sport 300+ that achieved 304.77mph, this is a line-up to behold. Along with the Divo and Centodieci, there’s also the brand new Chiron Noire that only just been launched for us to check out.”

For those who need even more juicy details to make their mouths water, the combined value of this collection is $43 million. It helps out that the La Voiture Noire had become the most expensive car ever sold when it was auctioned off at over $20.6 million. Imagine dropping that much money at one time on a car!

We feel like, regardless of one’s preference on an automobile type, they almost have to be impressed here. There’s just something about a Bugatti that really hits on all of the senses just right.


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