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Most Extreme Match on The PLANET – 4000 Degrees!

When you think of a match, you probably think of a pretty small wooden stick with a little bit of a compound at the end that can be struck and easily light up to help you set fire to whatever it needs to be set to. Normally, you could put an entire matchbook in your pocket with ease, not even noticing that it’s in there. We all are familiar with matchbooks but this time, we check out a matchbook that’s unlike any other you have ever seen before. This time, not only is the match supersized but the characteristics of the matches are also brought to be larger-than-life themselves.

In this one, we check out the most extreme match on the planet, one that is able to burn to an astonishing 4000° Fahrenheit! By undergoing a chemical reaction, the matches not only provide a large flame but they’re able to burn to a temperature that is four times that of your standard match. If you want to talk about something that you want to keep your fingers away from and wear protection around, this would probably be that thing. This seems to be something incredibly dangerous that’s better watch behind the screen than experienced firsthand.

Check out the video below as the incredibly high-intensity match takes the liberty of melting its way through a soda can, a sheet of glass, and even a fidget spinner amongst other objects that are sure to wow you. I’m not sure exactly what one would use such an immense match for in the real world but watching it in action certainly is a blast. If you were to have such a massive match fall into your possession, what do you think that you would try to do with it? I know you’re already over there thinking of all of the things that you could melt with this baby!