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The Most Incredible Tire Designs of All-Time

Tires have been around for what seems like forever. Given that the rubber tire has existed since 1888, none of us have seen the days before them, firsthand. Honestly, we’re not sure how folks managed to navigate before this luxury. With that in mind, tires are certainly one thing that many of us manage to take for granted. The layer between wheel and road really smooths out a ride and gives the vehicle advanced capabilities. From safety to comfort, the kind of tires beneath a vehicle can really change up the driving experience entirely. In addition, while we might not notice it, the technology is constantly improving right under our noses. This can mean a smoother ride or rubber that lasts for a longer, more durable, time.

There have been all sorts of trends that have been implemented to market. While some have stuck around, many of them have flopped but are super interesting to look at. When looking at the vast array of options, it can make us wonder where tire technology is going. After all, the way that tires are these days might be constantly improving but the general concept has remained the same. For example, we see the same rubber circular shape while the compounds they’re made of drastically change. Meanwhile, some are working on developing tires that don’t need any air for functionality. Other designs are in the name of a coveted look. It’s hard to tell where the market is going to be 20 years from now or more.

By following along with the video below, we see a unique mix of tires that manage to capture the imagination. Some of them include ice tires, glowing rubber, and even an extra wheel stored in the back that helps a driver to parallel park. We’ve seen some true oddities come to life in this market. Which ones are bound to stick around? Only time will tell.


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