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Guy Gets the Boot From Motocross Course For Using a Street Bike

Every once in a while, one might just want to do something a little bit offbeat and potentially slightly crazy. As it turns out, for YouTuber, JoeyMac420, those once in a while crazy happenings seem to happen on a regular basis. It seems like with each and every video, he’s trying out something else that just raises the bar a little bit. The craziness meter heads up and up to how much the limits can be pushed. This is all while taking fans along for the ride so that they can experience the thrill with him.

This time, it just so happens that the crazy idea that he came up with would end up getting him kicked out of his local motocross track. We’re sure that this is something that others have thought of. We’re not sure if any have been brave or crazy enough to give it a shot, though.

It’s crazy to watch as the YouTuber decided to take the likes of a street bike and put it on the motocross course. It’s definitely not something that’s conventional. Let’s just say that it’s a combination of factors that we can’t resist. With something like this that makes absolutely no senes, we just can’t figure out how to look away. Who knows what could happen?

When we follow along with the video down below, we’re able to see exactly how the street bike handles the off-road course. It went a lot better than we expected. However, it didn’t go well enough for him to be able to stay. After getting kicked out, we also find that this motorcycle designed for street use alone actually does a pretty decent job of handling some trails.

You never know where the action is going to end with this guy so be sure to dial into the video below. – Photo credit  jasonr.photos