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Motor Locks Up On Turbo Jet Ski At 127MPH… Sending Rider Flying

Whenever the topic of hitting the water at a high rate of speed comes up, someone always brings up the idea that the phenomenon is much like hitting concrete and for good reason. Let’s just say that you come into contact with the water when your body is moving a lot faster than the surface beneath you – it’s not something that you’re going to want to shoot for. However, sometimes, or most of the time, when someone is in a situation like this, I would venture to think that there’s just nothing that they can do in order to avoid it. When it’s too late, it’s already too late so you’d better brace yourself for impact.

This time, we check out a couple of insane boosted jet skis, machines boasting wild turbo setups, mounted in the front, that absolutely look intimidating, to say the least. When you see them head out to the water, they obviously show that they have the performance to match their appearance, rocketing to over 100 mph as they throw riders through a loop, giving them the ride of a lifetime as they hang on to the handlebars for dear life, zipping across the top of the water as they leave fear behind, really pushing the limits on exactly what can be accomplished out there on the surface of the water.

Follow along in the video below is this poor rider gets up to an insane amount of speed, making the most of the ski before it decides to throw him off at north of 120 mph as the engine decided to lock up on the spot. I’m not sure about you, but that’s certainly something that I would never want to try to take on like this. I’m sure this rider is definitely going to be feeling that one in the morning. Next time he hops behind the handlebars of a machine like this, this poor dude is probably going to be a little bit apprehensive as to exactly how he takes on that throttle.


About The World Championship Hydro-drags

(Tavares, FL) The 13th Annual Hydro-Turf HydroDrag World Championships will be held on November 7th and 8th at Wooton Park East, located in downtown Tavares at 100 East Ruby Street. This is at the original site, located at the seaplane basin. The World’s fastest PWC racers will gather for an incredible drag racing event. The event will kick off on Saturday morning, featuring the Stock and Spec Classes, which are basically bolt-on Performance Classes, and Sunday will have the highly-modified Superstock and Unlimited Classes. This is a double-elimination tournament that may also be viewed in live time as the brackets are filled at challonge.com, and searching HydroDrags. Come out and see the World’s fastest PWC racers at an amazing venue, which also boasts seaplane rides, the Dora Queen paddle boat, and several local hotspots, all within walking distance from the event site. There will be plenty of racing, but also, food vendors, music, live announcing, and a great family atmosphere.

VIP Parking will be available for an additional fee and weekend pit passes are $20, unless you have a Lake County ID, then admission is free. Spectators are encouraged to bring their own seating as we will not have bleachers because of social distancing. There will be plenty of sanitizing stations for everyone, and masks are optional as this is an outdoor event. Please do NOT bring any bottles inside the gated area, which will extend from the only entrance, located at the St Clair-Abrahms/Ruby St, to the SW side of the seaplane apron (by Kalua-Hale Beach Club).

The event is sanctioned and recognized by the International Jet Sports Boating Assn of Half Moon Bay, CA…and is sponsored by Hydro-Turf, City of Tavares, Lake County, RIVA Racing, Yamaha, Broward Motorsports, Farthing Racing, MVP Production, Key West Resort (Host Hotel), Tiki West, Pro Rider Magazine, RMGSports.net, Blowsion, Fish Camp on Lake Eustis, OT Lounge, Dennis Williams, and Young’s Boutique. Hydro-Turf HydroDrag World Championships Tentative ScheduleFriday Event Set-up 9am-5pm Saturday Gates Open 7am Registration 7am-9am Rider’s Meeting 9am (Pavillion) Practice 9:30am Stock Class 10:30am Lunch 12pm Freestyle 12:30pm Spec Class 1pm Endurance 3pm Racer meet and greet 7pm (Tiki West)Sunday Gates Open 7am Registration 7am-9am Speed Alley 8am Rider’s Meeting 8am Practice 9am Superstock 10am Freestyle 12pm Unlimited 1pm Endurance 3pm Awards 4pm Load Out 5pm-7pmMonday Clean-up 7am-9am – By: Mike Young