Motorcycle Riders Suspended Over Mid-Race Brawl

If there’s one place where we would argue it can be quite easy to get into a ...

If there’s one place where we would argue it can be quite easy to get into a heated discussion, the race track might just be that place. There are a lot of moving elements when it comes to race day. For one, obviously, drivers are going to have all sorts of differing opinions of what a clean race is. When mixing that with the fact that there is personal health on the line along with thousands of dollars, it’s not too difficult to see how such a situation could very easily go in the wrong direction. When tempers flare, sometimes, there’s no bringing them back.

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This time we get exactly that a couple of motorcycle riders ended up getting into a tangle. When these guys were traveling at insane rates of speed, it’s not too difficult to see how being in such close proximity to one another could definitely give rise to an issue. For these riders, it would appear as if they were both simply trying to race cleanly but all of a sudden things got a little bit too close for comfort. Before we know it, both riders would end up on one motorcycle. It’s certainly not a situation where anybody really wants to be but they were forced to handle it in that moment.

Guardian Sport tells us “Jorge Martínez threw the first punch at competitor Marion Calvo after blaming the rider for causing him to lose his balance during the first stage of Costa Rica’s National Motorbike Championship in February.”

From where we were sitting, it didn’t really appear as if anybody had ill intent at the start. However, immediately after the motorcycle bearing both riders was able slow down and stop, it would seem as if the people involved thought a little bit differently. Almost immediately after coming down from the moving motorcycle, one thing leads to another and we would have an all-out confrontation on our hands. When the dust had finally settled surrounding the issue, both riders have been banned from racing for two years.

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