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Motorcycle With Twin Prochargers And A 300 Shot Of Nitrous!

The motorcycle has been a symbol for getting out there and stretching your legs ever since it’s conception, giving people who choose to ride on two wheels the opportunity to hit the open roads and allow the twists and turns to take them wherever they want to go in a lifestyle that basically spells out f-r-e-e-d-o-m!

Now, throughout the lifecycle of the motorcycle, we have seen lots of different stylings and designs come about ranging from choppers to sports bikes and everything in between but with a bike like this, the game completely changes. It’s really unlike anything that we’ve ever seen before and we have definitely seen v8 powered motorcycles. Long story short, this thing takes what it’s like to ride and flips it on its head with a completely new concept brought to the table.

It’s not really clear if this trike is necessarily the fastest in the world or even the most functional, but this massive machine really is fun to look at as the rider puts it in motion, bringing it to life with the help of v8 power and then some. Not only does this bike feature 427 cubic inches but also a pair of ProChargers to really get the party started in more ways than one. How does one look at this bike without their jaw hitting the floor? This thing really brings the idea of being a heavyweight to life, surely outweighing most of everything else in its class.

The creation might be different and we will leave it up to you to decide whether or not that’s for better or for worse. One thing is for certain, we most certainly had a blast checking this thing out as it has plenty of power on tap with a turn of the handlebar. What will they think of next?

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