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Motorcyclist Records Himself Following Erratic Hit-And-Run Driver!

It’s rare enough to see a hit and run – although they do seem to be happening more frequently recently – much less catch one on camera. However, this guy, who has decided to keep his true identity a secret while being interviewed by the news, caught the same car hitting two other vehicles before speeding off and attempting to leave the scene in his rearview.

Luckily, the Good Samaritan, who goes by Dick Danger on YouTube and elected to run with that persona for his interview, had a close encounter with the car before it clipped a pickup truck, only to continue on and rear end a Prius, resulting in a pretty good bit of damage to both vehicles. The driver of the massive Mercedes didn’t stop to check on the other driver or car, instead opting to just back up and drive away. Danger, picking up on what was happening really quickly, hopped back onto his bike and followed the fleeing driver. As the Benz sped away, the chase reached speeds nearing 90 MPH, which Danger admits was a bit dangerous to follow, but finally, the driver of the Mercedes decides to pull over. While Danger confronts the driver, the authorities show up and take the driver into custody, we assume for fleeing the scene of an accident.

Danger noted the driver was acting rather erratically and may have been under the influence of some type of drug or alcohol. The police haven’t released any information as far as what charges will stem from the incident. However, Dick Danger did have his GoPro rolling the whole time and caught the incident on camera from beginning to end, so it should be really obvious from his footage, which shows both impacts and him speeding away, what all this driver will be slapped with. Thankfully it doesn’t appear anybody was injured so the only damages done were to the vehicles themselves.