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Motorist Veers off Road, Drives Lexus On Top of Entire Row of Cars at Chevy Dealership

When you find yourself out and about on the roadways, you’ll begin to get a grasp for exactly how fast things can tend to happen. Sometimes, a situation will strike you from out of left field and you might not have enough time to react, getting tangled up into an accident quicker than you could snap your fingers. Even if you are able to respond in time, you still have a solid head on your shoulders that allows you to realize just how quickly things can escalate out there and how one simple drive could turn into a nightmare in a matter of just seconds.

However, even for somebody who has been tangled up in a difficult situation, there are some other situations where you just have to look at them in confusion and wonder how exactly it all happened. I’m sure that even firefighters and other responders to a scene like this one probably took one look at all of the damage done and scratched their heads, wondering how exactly somebody could maneuver their car in such a way to cause the maximum amount of damage and allow the car to travel so far before something would be there to break its momentum.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see the situation unfold right in your lap as it seems like somebody managed to veer off of the road near a Chevrolet dealership, while behind the wheel of a Lexus sedan, and popped up on top of one of the cars before driving over the entire front row of the dealership. We find that biggest plot twist of the entire thing is that it wasn’t even a truck doing all of this off-roading but instead, a standard car that managed to drive across what looks to be at least a dozen automobiles, damaging each and every one of them.


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Posted by Ab Staley on Thursday, November 2, 2017