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Murder Nova and Kayla Morton Throw Down on Big Tires in Texas

For the most competitive racers, the grind never stops. Names like Kayla Morton and Shawn Ellington (Murder Nova) definitely fall into that category as they are constantly on the grind, trying to get better and continuing to compete. This time, that pair of names squares all with one another as we get to see a couple of our favorite cars going head to head.

In one lane, we have Morton behind the wheel of her ProCharged Ford Mustang that goes by the name of “Hot Mess Express.” As we learn, in this particular video, Kayla entered the big tire class at Reaper’s All-Star race at Extreme Raceway in Ferris, Texas.

However, when it came to the first round of eliminations, the top racer certainly wouldn’t have the easy opponent that most would hope to draw.

This time, one of the top female no prep king racers is taking on none other than Murder Nova. Behind the wheel, Ellington is best known for his stint on Street Outlaws but has definitely delved into all sorts of different drag racing himself. The twin-turbo Nova is known to always be a stout and formidable opponent that is never to be slept on. In fact, in many cases, Murder Nova is where the smart bet lives. This time, however, it’s going to take everything that he’s got in order to pull out a victory here.

Down in the video below From the National No Prep Racing Association, we check in with the matchup that took place during the first round of the big tire class at the All-Star Race. With names like this, the eliminations were bound to be good and certainly delivered. Afterward, we get to watch the winner take on a twin-turbo Pontiac Firebird by the name of “High Voltage” which is another handful!