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Murder Nova Takes It Deeper Into The 3’s

It doesn’t matter what you’re involved in. If you want to be the best at that thing, there’s a very good chance that it’s going to take a massive chunk of time. In other words, what we see on screen when we watch Street Outlaws is just a fraction of the effort that gets invested in being a racer.

Instead, the competitors trying to be on their best game will head to test and tunes across the country along with spending time testing on the street. When your competitors are doing their best, nothing short of all-out dedication is going to get the job done.

This time, we get to check in with another piece of that pie as it applies to Murder Nova. In this one, Shawn decided that not even his own personal best was good enough to make him take a break. Just the other day, we would watch as the new Murder Nova would lay down its first-ever three-second pass. Being able to break down that barrier had to be something that was incredibly exciting. Getting into the threes is certainly no small feat, even for somebody as experienced as Shawn.

This time, we check in with the follow-up action as he’s right back at it again. In this one, Shawn is making a couple of tweaks again and checking in with his components to make sure that everything is in working order. Following the original three-second pass, he manages to lay down even more passes in the 3s just to show that it wasn’t a fluke the first time around.

By following along with the video below, we get a unique opportunity to join in on what a test and tune session looks like in the 3s! No matter how many of these videos are released, we can help but enjoy even more time hanging out with our favorite Street Outlaws.