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Murder Nova Vs. Derek | Street Outlaws

Murder Nova Vs. Derek | Street Outlaws

Past or present, it’s always a joy to watch Murder Nova rocket down the street, taking on anyone and everyone who decides to call him out.

This time, the Nova is up against Derek, the owner of a Chevrolet Camaro that looks like it’s ready to conquer the streets, but will the be able to stand up to one of the strongest competitors in the game?

We’re about to find out as Murder Nova’s sinister blacked out ride lines up with the Camaro and gets ready to do battle on the streets as only Murder knows how.

Check out the Street Outlaws video below as the Noa gets a sizable jump on the Camaro and never looks back! Looks like this guy might think twice from now on before making the call out!

Watch as a 2014 C7 and 2014 GT500 square off!

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