Musician Calvin Harris Slams Range Rover Door Into Wall!

When we’re talking about celebrities and the paparazzi, well, they have quite a ...

When we’re talking about celebrities and the paparazzi, well, they have quite a unique relationship. I think that both understand that there is a sort of back-and-forth that has to go on between them and they can both benefit from each other. While the celebrities would like a little bit more publicity, the paparazzi’s job is obviously to keep up with celebrity news. It’s how they make their dollar. This isn’t to say that all celebrities interact with the paparazzi equally and also not to say that all paparazzi members know how to keep a respectful distance.

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Now, without context, you can pretty much say that anything happened here. You could say that Calvin Harris maybe doesn’t like the paparazzi or perhaps that maybe he was just having a bad day and didn’t want to talk to anybody. None of that is what’s important here, though. However, if he had chosen to talk to the paparazzi, he probably could’ve saved himself a good amount of money in damage to his Range Rover. I mean, I’m sure the guy was that much money doesn’t necessarily care all that much about damaging a vehicle like this, however, it also doesn’t look too good when this pops up on the news.

Follow along in the video down below as Harris blows right on past the paparazzi before getting in his SUV and rolling away but is first objected to backing his door into a wall that bends it backward and undoubtedly does some damage. What do you think of this situation as it all unfolded? Should the paparazzi have warned him before he backed up into that wall and damaged his ride or were they right to just let him go given that he walked past them and didn’t even make eye contact?

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