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Mustang crashes at Lake Forest cars and coffee

When it comes to the car community, different models will come with different stereotypes and that is the way that it will always be, like it or not.

As we all know, the stereotype in this day and age that is associated with the Ford Mustang is the fact that many of the owners of these cars seem to find their way into crash situations way too easily.

Now, we have seen on the pages of Facebook that many Mustang drivers are getting sick and tired of this image of their brand of enthusiast, but there always seems to be another Mustang owner at the ready to refresh the stereotype yet again.

Every time that the memes and jokes seem to start dying off, another Mustang driver feels the need to be impressive and spills too much foot into the throttle while pulling out of their local car show.

Check out the video below as this driver dips into the throttle and just moments later ends up regretting it as the car veers off of the road and ends up jumping a curb before sliding through the grass. That is most definitely an awkward way to leave a car show.


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