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Mustang Crashes Leaving Dealership in Classic Mustang Fashion!

It’s not really clear if the Ford Mustang just so happens to be a car that tends to be a little bit cheaper and therefore has more people behind the wheel who don’t really have experience with a powerful car or if there is some kind of quirk with the chassis that causes the car to spin out more often but, it seems like, across the board, the most common car that you see you getting in wrecks just so happens to be the Mustang. I’m not really sure what it can be attributed to but even though the deed is painful to watch, you just can’t look away.

In this one, we catch another bit of sideways Mustang action that has a driver pulling out of the lot that appears to be a dealership. Now, it’s not exactly clear if the driver behind the wheel was getting some service done to their Stang or if they just purchased it on the spot but, in either situation, as they pulled out of the lot, they ended up doing some big-time damage as the car slid into oncoming traffic and got wrapped up in a major collision. If it did so happen that this was the first few moments of ownership, that one is definitely going to be a maneuver that this driver regrets even more. I can already smell the insurance rates rising.

Follow along in the video down below to the scene of the moment that all unfolded, a moment that had this driver wishing that they could push the reverse button and undo every last second of it all. You have got to feel for someone who gets caught up in a situation like this because we don’t want to see anybody lose their pride and joy but, on the bright side, I guess that nobody was hurt in the matter and hopefully, insurance will sort it all out and this driver will continue on and drive onward again!