Mustang Rips Away From Redlight, Immediately Get Sideways… It Goes VERY Badly

Sometimes, you just have to look at a situation and wonder where it all went wrong. ...

Sometimes, you just have to look at a situation and wonder where it all went wrong. It’s unclear how some of the crash videos floating around could evolve to the point where somebody gets themselves wrapped up in them. It all just seems so avoidable. However, time and time again, we find these cringe-worthy burnouts and races gone wrong.

We aren’t really sure why many of these situations involve Ford Mustangs. Perhaps its due to the sheer popularity of the model but the car has become synonymous with crashing. In fact, anecdotally, the ratio seems to be rather disproportionate. This time, it’s another Mustang involved in another crash. This one will really make you throw your face in your palm in disbelief.

From what we’ve gathered here, the camera car managed to catch up with a couple of other cars playing around with one another. When they came to a red light, it was apparent that they were ready to gas it and get going again. However, the driver of the Ford Mustang all the way to the right would end up doing something that he would regret.

Any experienced driver knows that, in order to get a good launch, you don’t want any tire spin. Apparently, this driver watched too many movies or played too many video games. As he was doing a burnout at the red light, he rolled right out of the burnout and continued the race. It was certainly no surprise that the car was sideways before long. Eventually, it crashed into a nearby barrier. Luckily, the accident didn’t involve any of the other motorists on the highway.

The video down below captured the entire incident as it unfolded. Lots of times, these sorts of things happen due to sheer bad luck. However, it would be pretty tough to convince us that this was the result of anything other than poor driving.

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Posted by Sara Easterling on Saturday, April 18, 2020

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