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Mustang Does Burnout Leaving Car Show… Not Noticing The COP Around The Corner!

When you’re leaving a car show with a big crowd out front, it can be hard to resist the urge to lay into the gas pedal. Because of this, we have seen countless displays out front of car shows that show vehicles doing burnouts, revving their engines, and Mustangs crashing into crowds. It might be a joke it’s getting old but it keeps getting refreshed by Stang enthusiasts who can’t seem to keep their foot out of the throttle and end up sending the cars into the bystanders. This time, the Ford Mustang in question doesn’t necessarily lose control (too much) but does end up putting on another display out front of a car show that ends with the major fail.

As the driver rolls out of the show, he has a big crowd at his disposal and therefore, as many others would do, he lays into the long, skinny pedal just a little bit. However, because the smoke show ends up throwing him into opposing traffic, a nearby police officer, that we’re going to go ahead and assume that this Mustang driver didn’t see, flips on his lights and pulls the car over on the scene. This might not have been how he planned to end his stand at this car show but let’s face it, it’s a lot better than what a lot of his fellow Mustang owners do as they plant their cars into trees, bushes, and people standing nearby in similar situations.

Check out the video down below that shows the entire sequence of events unfolding that has this guy wishing that he had just stayed out of the gas pedal on that day or maybe wishing that he had been a little bit more subtle in his exit.

After something like this, you really have to be kicking yourself but let’s face it – that’s definitely not going to stop people from leaving car shows in this way and I’m not sure if that’s necessarily even a bad thing!