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Mustang Does Giant Wheelstand Ripping The Entire Front End Off

Sometimes, drag racing comes with its fair share of adversity. Even for the most put-together teams at the track, sometimes, there’s nothing that they can do to avoid catastrophe. For the Next Motorsports crew, catastrophe seemed to seek them out at Holley’s annual LS Fest event. However, the crew would roll with the punches, doing everything that they could to make the most of the weekend.

Their woes started out with a massive wheelie, that is, if you don’t consider the late start to Friday’s qualifying. For fans, this wheelie was probably an amazing sight to see. However, as any racer will tell you, a wheelie isn’t the desired result. Sure, the first one might feel cool. Beyond that, though, the end result is nothing short of an inefficient pass and the potential for broken parts. This wheelie, well, let’s just say that broken parts were definitely a byproduct.

For most, after shattering the oil pan and destroying the k-member amongst other catastrophic failure, this would have been time to call it quits. The crew would surge onward and keep on moving, though. Within the span of six hours, they would fix what would probably cost most mechanics a dedicated weekend of wrenching. To push the envelope even further, the car would be thrust back into the lion’s den. There would be no testing the repairs before putting them back into racing form once again. Beyond all of these fixes, the guys would even manage to weld a busted head to get the car running again.

When push came to shove, even after multiple major repairs, the Next crew was still in the mix. In fact, they would manage to figure out a way to push the Ford Mustang all the way to the finals. Normally, when adversity strikes like this, teams rarely recover. However, the BigKleib34 video below will show you how one team fought back.

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