Mustang Goes Up For Wheelie, Comes Down Awkwardly And Almost Loses It

In drag racing, there are some situations that really will remind you why it’s ...

In drag racing, there are some situations that really will remind you why it’s all worth it as a spectator when you get the feeling in your chest that completely sends a pulse through all of your senses. It’s something that is hard to describe exactly to somebody who has never experienced such a feeling, however, when you do get that feeling, you know that you’re doing something that you have absolutely got to continue on with for the rest of your life. When you see a wheelie, you get that feeling and can’t help but be filled with excitement waiting to see exactly what’s going to happen next.

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This time, we get to see exactly that as a Ford Mustang Fox Body goes way up in the air and doesn’t look like it’s going to come down anytime soon. However, eventually, the car does come down and, for our driver, when the situation unfolds, the ideal set of circumstances would have the vehicle softly touching back down as to allow him to continue to control the car and do minimum damage. However, many times, that unfortunately is not the case and it can be incredibly hard to make this happen after you put together all of that momentum moving upward that is ready to come crashing down.

For this Mustang driver, we watch as the Fox absolutely skyrockets and ends up coming down not only with a bang but also somewhat crooked as the car would jolt and fling itself sideways. Luckily, the machine didn’t get too out of control as to hit the wall and do bigger damage, however, this driver probably got quite a scare as things looked like they were going to spiral pretty quickly here. If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to watch the epic save as somehow, this wheelman can keep it out of the wall.

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