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Mustang Launches in REVERSE, Comes Back For the WIN!

Mustang Launches in REVERSE, Comes Back For the WIN! 

Heading out to the drag strip can be nerve-racking for beginners, knowing that when you line up at the starting line, all eyes are on you as the lights drop to green.

For this Ford Mustang owner, it looks like nerves might have gotten the best of him as he lines up, ready to head down the quarter mile and ends up launching in reverse.

Even though he isn’t off to the best start, the driver won’t let that get him down as he immediately shifts to first and makes his way down the track.

Check out the video below as the ‘Stang makes a comeback and even manages to overtake the Dodge Ram racing in the other lane.

This Mustang owner probably should have refrained from showing off.




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