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Mustang Meets Dodge Ram in Custom Creation That’ll Make your Head Spin

In a world where lots of criticism is thrown around every single day, I like to be the kind of person who tries to see the good in things from time to time, however, with something like this, it kind of comes at you in such a way that is incredibly disorienting. It looks like somebody basically took a couple of different cars and trucks and picked features from each of them, essentially just throwing them up on their own canvas that looks like some sort of abstract art. At the end of the day, though, from what we understand, the original goal was accomplished as apparently this is exactly what the customer wanted.

What you’re looking at here is nothing other than a design created by Hussain Albagali at the request of one of Dubai’s most infamous car collectors that goes by the name of the Rainbow Sheikh. If you know of The Sheikh, you’re probably also aware that his car collection tends to have a theme of being wacky and off-the-wall along with having all sorts of exotics and cars that seem regular alike.

This one is certainly more of the same wacky taste as it essentially takes the driveline out of a Dodge Ram and combines it with the styling cues of a Ford Mustang along with something that might be out of the 20s or 30s and puts them all into one big boisterous package that essentially will draw all of the attention possible when you roll down the street in it. Whether or not it’s good attention we will leave up to you to decide.

If you follow along along down below, you’ll get the complete tour of the machine that simply known as “Rammus.” Honestly, when approaching this thing, we have to warn you that you might not know exactly where to look because it has so many different styling cues flying in all kinds of different directions that your mind is about to go for a wild ride.