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Mustang on Mustang Crime: Blower Whine vs Nitrous Flames in Huge Grudge Race

One class that really captured the attention of the fans at Duck X Productions’ Lights Out 9 last weekend was the 29/315 No Time Shootout, which featured a little bit of everything as far as cars go, and some of the best side-by-side racing of the event, all without a single mention of “setting records” since the clocks are turned off for the whole weekend while these guys were on the track.

The nature of the no time game brings out the gamblers, from the competitors themselves to the fans in the stands, each win light dictated the exchange of cash in large amounts, which made for some tense moments for the spectators and racers alike. One of the most hyped matchups was this one, caught by our buddy Justin from the JMalcom2004 channel, between Justin “Little Country” Swanstrom and Timmy Meissner.

Swanstrom, in his sinister black Mustang known as Armageddon, lined up with Meissner’s supercharged Mustang for a stack of cash, although the pot for this race was kept low key. Both of these cars are insanely quick, although as we mentioned, we can’t share elapsed times, since they’re kept hush-hush.

What we can talk about is the race itself, which was a great back-and-forth race that saw Swanstrom jump out to a small lead, only to have to pedal to keep the nose of his hotrod from climbing too high. That was all Meissner needed to motor around Armageddon and take the win. It’s hard to say from the starting line perspective, but it looked like the two cars crossed the stripe fairly close together.

This class and other no-time shootouts are a staple of the southeastern drag racing scene, so we’re going to start keeping a closer eye on these guys and bringing you more no-time and grudge action.

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