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Mustang Owner Gets His Ego Checked Racing a Diesel Truck!

Just when you got that shiny new Ford Mustang and thought that it would be safe to race any truck in sight to beef up your confidence a little and give you a chance to really feel your car as you lay into the gas pedal, the big mean diesel came out to show who daddy is.

This time, the driver behind the wheel of a Mustang runs into a Powerstroke diesel at a stop light and they decide to have a nice little fun run. Now, in a situation like this, you need to be careful if you’re someone who doesn’t like to lose because you never know what’s going to pull up next to you.

The truck uses its four-wheel-drive to get right out of the hole faster than the ‘Stang and generally, this is where rear-wheel-drive cars will start to reel the leader back in, but in this race, it just so happened that moment never came, unfortunately so for the owner of this sports car!

Check out the video below from the guys at Triple-X Motorsports that gives us a look at the situation including a hilarious replay with “amplified driver audio” that will probably have you rolling on the floor and laughing. You’ve got to love a little impromptu racing action that ends in a fun video like this.


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