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Mustang Power Wheelies Up Half Way Down The Track!

When you’re talking about some of the most exciting displays and drag racing, it’s hard to beat the excitement that goes into a good old-fashioned wheelie. There’s just something about the scenario when a car yanks the front wheels off of the ground that makes you get a good hit of adrenaline all at once, sending a tingle through your spine.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 9.21.09 AM

Video Credit – NXGonzo Video

This time, we check out a pretty impressive wheel stand that has this old school Ford Mustang hurling the front tires up into the air with a vengeance and when the driver attempts to feather the throttle to let the car down softly, it ends up doing an even bigger and more impressive wheelie!

I’m not sure if the driver was exactly ready for all that unfolded, but if he wasn’t, he had to get himself in the right frame of mind in a hurry because you have to react quickly when something like this happens as to minimize the damage when the car comes down to earth once again.

NXGonzo was on location to capture all of the action on video and he brings it to us down below as this car literally goes above and beyond to make some magic happen out there on the strip. Now that is how you throttle down and really put on a heck of a show!