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Mustang Ricer Fail – This Guy Brags Endlessly About His 5.0 Mustang!

Sometimes, when people get made fun of and grilled like this guy, you can’t help but feel bad for the person that is the butt of the joke. You just want to step in and help.

However, this time, a Ford Mustang owner really seems to have had it coming as he spouts off a bunch of “information” about his car and other cars he claims to own… we sense a few fibs here.

At the beginning, we did kind of feel bad for the guy, but as he kept talking, we couldn’t help but I think that he was bringing it all on himself. Does he really think that people are going to believe half of what’s coming out of his mouth?

Check out the video below that shows off one of the most awkward interviews that you might ever encounter and tell us what you think of this driver’s representation of his car.


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